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Whole Juice Fast

Whir up some delicious Vita-Mix veggies


Quick update on the whole juice fast. We made it for 24 hours! It was exceedingly rough those last few hours. We had bought a variety of produce from memory of my Juice Lady book….and DD left spinach in the car overnight! I did not have the book with me, so had neglected to buy several other important ingredients, without running around town again. I was left with mainly fruit/carrots/beets that I can juice and was not doing well on just that.


I have great blood sugar levels - but diabetes runs in my family strongly so I don’t DRINK sugar (whether in fructose etc) as it is simply not wise for me. In an effort to simplify life, I try and only go out one day a week, and more errands/appts were slated for Weds, so that would have been another 36 hours without the additional veggies I needed. I was getting a little too much fruit and could tell my body desperately needed LESS SUGAR, and MORE veggies, so decided to eat dinner Tuesday night (big salad, chicken breast, fruit salad.)

Overall, I felt okay Tues AM, felt great after exercising, but went into a downward spiral without the spinach concoction,

Will it BLEND?

juicing more stuff with what I know was too HIGH of a sugar content for me. Emily and I both were dragging, exhausted and ready to go to bed for a week by Tuesday evening. When I started feeling dizzy, lightheaded, etc, I decided to eat and that I would have to rethink this. Emily was too ready to quit and more than happy to eat some chicken!

Understanding that detoxing was probably part of the issue - and knowing that if I could tough it out another 24-48 hours - I would allegedly feel better, but also suspecting an acute need for less sugar and that I do better on a decent amount of protein, and that I was on it to feel better, not kick myself back into the land of no energy - I decided to eat dinner and change tactics a bit. When I switched tactics at the HFS, I had invested a bit of $$ in some rather odd veggies and fruits, all organic, that don’t go into our normal things, and paid the organic prices, so I decided to modify and carry on! I am going to get my money’s worth!

The goal of the Whole Juice Fast is to detox and cleanse the body, restoring health, through gently cleansing with whole vegetables and fruits, getting maximum nutrition out of them in the Vita-Mix.

Delicious Vita-Mix Juice!

The solution - go on a partial juice fast with AM’s juicing! I am loosely following the Juice Lady’s cleansing guide. So I have a morning Vita-Mix juice with beets/carrots/green apple/lemon/ginger and I threw in parsley, and a midmorning juice of celery/green apple/spinach/lemon/romaine.

With the Vita-Mix you throw the chunk of lemon in with the SKIN (if it is organic), the celery, etc and it is quite a pulpy, texturey thing but the nutrition is PHENOMENAL and the fiber boost is amazing. It isn’t as concentrated and full of sugar as “normal juicing” which gives a smoother liquid, and you discard the pulp fiber.

The Vita-Mix makes all of the nutrition and the fiber in the fruit/veggies bio-available and it is wonderful for your body - you can FEEL your body react with glee as you drink it. It is amazing. It also makes a HUGE AMOUNT if you use her recipes! Adapting the Juice Lady’s recipes is a bit of a trial and error with some weird concoctions that don’t always taste amazing! A straw helps! All in all, it is a great experiment and I am learning what makes me feel good, out of the produce I have on hand, and adapting the Juice Lady’s recipes/my recipes/Vita-Mix recipes and what I have on hand.

Bentonite Clay

For additional detox and cleansing benefits, I am having “shakes” of psyllium fiber with bentonite clay (uh-huh, nothing chocolate or malty about MY shakes! LOL!) Why those two? Because I just so happen to OWN the stuff and it does not require additional purchases! Venturing through the prudent lifestyle - I also decided to take the multi-purpose bentonite clay and make a silky smooth, pore refining clay mask out if it, which I applied while doing my AM exercise routine, just after drinking it in the “shake.”  My husband howled when he got home and I related my

Psyllium Fiber

adventures - only his wife could drink clay AND put it on her face! He howled even more when I told him that this stuff makes me feel normal…..and I didn’t get to point out the SAD (Standard American Diet) makes me feel abnormal. Life is never dull in the Baughn household - I tell you! More info on the bentonite clay at

We are returning to a more veggie rich lunch (salads instead of those sandwiches that are so easy to make and eat!) with dinners being our normal meat, salad, veggie but without a starch. We have a neighborhood walk each night, we live in a circle and half the neighborhood walks and the other half are on their front porches cheering us on. You have to be diligent to walk and not stop to talk! We come home and using the bounty of summer fruits, make a delicious berry/peach/whatever is fresh and we have on hand, fruit salad for dessert, with a spritz of lemon, or citrus.

This all makes such a difference and we are all feeling much better and sleeping like LOGS at night! In a mere three week period, we had lazily cut back on the amount of fruits/veggies we were eating,  and were down to three or four servings a day — when normally we try for 7-10. So we are back up in the 7-10 category that we all do best at. The ratio there would be about 6 veggies and maybe 4 fruits. With it being summer, we eat a little more fruit with the bounty available!

So that is my story and I’m sticking to it for now! I have been doing the partial juice fast for a 4 days, and hope to go at least week, maybe two and then maybe give the total juice fast another go the following week - shall see. I was not quite prepared for the transition (it tells you to up the fruit/veggie content and cut down on the other stuff in the days ahead and I thought I would charge through and do my own thing) I will do the gallbladder cleanse a little later on. We are in the middle of a few huge projects and I frankly cannot afford the time of detoxing and brain drain, until they are launched.

Hope this helps someone else out there! There are a LOT of ways to go about this and it is so easy to become confused in the mass of information and wonder it to death rather than try it. It is also difficult to finally decide on a protocol, research it, pray through it, then run to the HFS and find that they don’t have what you want, so you either change tactics or go back and order online (which means you wait) If you are emotionally READY and RARING to go, it is a huge downer to wait or change.

Once you make that decision, you just want to do it.

I am a full board, black and white, 100% kind of girl, so doing a “partial” is not my norm. This modified course is working beautifully within my limited budget, ability and time level right now! And it is a good prep for my desire for a more thorough cleanse and the gallbladder upcoming (really I just want that bowl of berries and whipped cream!). For now, I know that the beets are detoxing the liver and gallbladder and getting me in line for the stone issues, and that I am back to a really fabulous diet rich in the Lord’s bounty of fruits and veggies! I know that I am feeding my family incredibly well and that everyone is benefiting!


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